Política de envío

Due to Covid-19, TEC is aware that some packages may take longer to ship. Please be mindful of this when viewing shipping times. The products are made-to-order and will arrive as soon as possible.


Due to Covid-19, each The Elyzabeth Collection product is wrapped and sealed with the customer's safety in mind. Then it is placed in a shipping package, mailer, or box and sealed again. Each item is then shipped via USPS or UPS services, and using the USPS or UPS pricing based on the customer's location. As there are many different sizes of journals and notebooks, this number is not fixed. These prices can range from $8.50 for some smaller journals to $12-19.00 for larger packages or weights. Customers who spend over $50 on The Elyzabeth Collection products will receive free shipping, thanks to Shopify.

Drop-to-Door delivery services are available for some West Orlando and Downtown Orlando locations. This Drop-to-Door method allows us to socially distance while providing delivery to nearby customers. If your zip code (area) is eligible for this service you will be able to choose this option on the Shipping page. There is a $5 charge for delivery. TEC will send a notification via the site when your package has been delivered.